Titanium Amethyst Druze Formation (1.57KG)

Titanium Amethyst Druze Formation (1.57KG)


Size: Height 12.5 cm, width 12 cm

         Weight 1.57 kg

This is a magnificent titanium amethyst druze geode formation with beautiful brilliant dazzling rainbow points on a cut base. The druze's sides have been polished.

  • Titanium Aura Quartz, Flame Aura, Dark Rainbow Aura, and "Stone of Astral Journey" are some of the other names for this stone. Titanium or Rainbow Aura Quartz (Flame) Aura - Amethyst combined with Titanium (the metal of power); generates multi-colored metallic crystals with vibrant colours. The intrinsic elector-static charge of quartz binds titanium molecules to the crystal. Titanium is one of the most powerful and beautiful metals.It has the power to open all of the chakras, promoting heightened inner consciousness and Kundalini energy access. Titanium Aura can help with clairvoyance, vigour, clearing energetic obstacles, and creativity awakening. For people in dysfunctional relationships, it is supposed to bring clarity and the ability to take action. It is also good for astral traveling.


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