Medicine Shield Necklace with Turquoise (Sterling Silver)

Medicine Shield Necklace with Turquoise (Sterling Silver)


Authentic Native American jewellery, made by the Navajo on the Navajo reservation in the USA.

Dimensions: Circle of medicine shield is about 1 cm across. From top of shield to bottom of hanging turquoise and wood tassel is about 3.5 cm (an inch and a third), necklace is about 16 inches (41 cm) in lengght.

Necklace comes complete with liquid silver chain. Liquid silver is a term used to describe a type of sterling silver chain made from tiny tubes of silver strung together.

 A medicine shield is something you wear or keep close to you to remind you of the medicine or gifts you want to bring into your life. The shield itself is shaped like a circle, symbolising that life is a circle and that nothing ever truly ends, only to be reborn. The feathers represent a connection to spirit, while the tiny pieces of wood represent a connection to and care for mother earth. The shield is a protective symbol with 16 segments, each representing one of the 16 directions. The four main directions are East, South, West, and North, which repr