Large Non Scented Meditation Candle

Large Non Scented Meditation Candle


Dimensions:7.5 cms diameter x 15 cms in height (3 x 6 inches).

Burn time: About 100 hours.

Weight: About 600 grams.


Ingredients: Contains natural clean burning plant wax. This is a high quality natural product.

Environmental information:

This candle is composed of soya and palm wax, both of which are natural and clean burning. These materials are supplied by a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. All of these waxes and oils can be tracked from farm to factory, and the crops aren't grown in deforested areas. Reclaimed rubber or coconut farms that have been replaced by palm are frequently used to make wax. The wicks are made of cotton and are acceptable for vegans.

No paraffin:

This candle is free of paraffin and petroleum ingredients. Many candles today are made of paraffin. Candles containing petroleum ingredients can produce a smokiness that can accumulate on ceilings over time. One of the last byproducts of petroleum extraction is paraffin. Some of the soot produced by paraffin candles is similar to that produced by burning diesel fuel. As a result, there are recorded worries regarding the potential health consequences.