Large Blue Agate Slice (150mm x 170mm)

Large Blue Agate Slice (150mm x 170mm)


Dimesnions: (150mm x 170mm)

Weight: 303 gr

This slice is made of natural Agate crystal and has been dyed to highlight the beautiful coloration.This thin slice shows clearly the intricately banded structure of Agate. The bands of delicate and rich blue tones are enthralling.

  • Agate stones are part of the Chalcedony family and are banded in stripes or layers. Agate is the most common and diverse Chalcedony. Agate has remained popular throughout the centuries due to its variety. Both for its potential healing and spiritual value, as well as its unique beauty. Understanding the meaning of this stone as a healing stone with all-around mystical properties dates back to the dawn of time.

    Blue Agate is the zodiac sign of Gemini's birthstone.  The colour blue is associated with honesty, loyalty, and dependability. Its therapeutic value has been recognised since the Golden Age of Greece.This stone  was held in high regard by ancient Indian and Chines