Eagle Necklace with Turquoise (Sterling Silver)

Eagle Necklace with Turquoise (Sterling Silver)


Dimensions of Earrings: From the top of eagle wing to bottom tip of feathers is about 4.5 cms (one and three quarter inches), the chain is approximately 18 inches (45 cm) long.

Authentic Native American jewellery, made by the Navajo on the Navajo reservation in the USA.

Necklace comes complete with liquid silver chain. Liquid silver is a term used to describe a type of sterling silver chain made from tiny tubes of silver strung together.

Many traditions, but especially in the native American tradition, hold the eagle sacred. The eagle flies high, symbolically close to the spirit, and its cry is a shout, calling to recognition spirit. The eagle teaches us to live on earth while being connected to the spiritual realms. It teaches us to follow our true path – what really is to take place for the greater good in our lives. So the eagle is tied to courage – it's capable of following and confronting our fears, as we transform into better and happier people.

Feathers are widely used in Native American crafts and ceremonial tools. Birds fly between the earth and the sky, and as such, feathers represent our connection to Great Spirit. Of course, a feather is not required to communicate with God or to be in tune with Spirit. It is merely a tool - a reminder. Feathers serve as a link. You can hold them while praying, use a feather to brush smudge smoke over you to cleanse the aura, and wear them in crafts and jewellery to remind you that you are always connected to Spirit.