Unique Tibetan Handmade Gong Mantra -  Engraved

Unique Tibetan Handmade Gong Mantra - Engraved

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Absolutely gorgeous Tibetan handmade brass gong, engraved with mantra (47cm size), with a clear, pure and resonating sound. 


Gong meditation is a very ancient technique from Asia, a complete sound bath that produces an amazing sense of well-being through the vibration of all the water within the body (our bodies are 80% water).


The sound vibrations emitted by gongs send signals that are interpreted at the biological, energetic and emotional levels, directing the cells to develop in a homeostatic rather than unbalanced manner.

Gong sound therapy has been practiced for thousands of years. Today, people believe that gong baths can help reduce stress and liberate emotional blockages. Scientific evidence suggests that certain forms of sound therapy prompt damaged human DNA strands to repair themselves. Some tones are thought to promote vitality and healing, and also to enhance happiness. Many alternative healthcare clinics offer sound therapies such as gong meditation to help manage various ailments.