Amethyst bracelet

Amethyst bracelet


An elasticated bracelet made with aproximative 10mm amethyst irregular beads, the bracelet will fit most adult wrists.


The size, shape and color of the product you will receive may differ slightly from the image shown!

  • Amethyst is a powerful and protective stone and guards against any psychic attack, any form of harm, geopathic or electromagnetic stress.

    • It calms the nerves, helps in releasing stress, anxiety, anger and fear, balances mood swings, alleviates sadness and grief and dissolves negativity.
    • It is the best in enhancing psychic abilities, activating spiritual awareness and opening intuition.
    • It calms the mind and helps in focusing, enhancing memory, improving motivation. It can relieve insomnia and can help in remembering and understanding dreams.
    • It is said that can help in balancing hormones and strengthening the immune system, reduces pain, calming headaches and helping the body to fight against cancer by destroying malignant tumors.