Singing bowls, a guide on how to use them

Updated: May 6

Singing Bowls have been used in several studies to investigate their benefit as sound therapy tools. Sound therapy is a popular alternative medicine treatment that has been shown to be effective in treating a wide range of illnesses.

Sound therapy can be used to treat neurological disorders, lower blood pressure, and improve sleep. It's also a good way of treating anxiety, stress, depression, mood disorders, and developmental disabilities. In rehabilitation settings for traumatic injuries and mental disorders, sound therapy is frequently used.

Sound bowls are used by gently tapping the bowl with a mallet and then circling the bowl with varying amounts of pressure and speed to create different sounds. Sound bowl healing works by eliciting prolonged sounds that emit varying vibrational frequencies from the bowls. Some sound bowls are made of metals that resemble church bells, while others are made of crushed crystals.

The singing bowls, whether metal or crystal, can also be filled with water while being played. The singing bowl's musicality is soothing and can induce a meditative state. Stress levels are reduced in a meditative state, which can improve hormone levels, blood pressure, and even blood sugar levels.

Mood disorder symptoms may also be reduced in this state. Meditation also has the effect of increasing mental awareness as well as inducing deeper sleep. Furthermore, the sounds emitted by singing bowls enable the listener to benefit from sound frequency healing.

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