How to care of your crystals

Updated: Apr 27

Cystals are not just beautiful decoration pieces, they carry amazing healing properties and can help you in many ways. Each of them is unique, some more powerful than others. As everything is energy and vibrates at a certain frequency, everything that is around us can influence us at a vibrational level. By having in our space a high vibrational crystal, its energy is starting to influence our environment and our energy field, elevating the vibration that is around it at the healing vibration of the crystal. Also, the crystals are influenced by the energy around them, hence they have to be cleansed and purified frequently.

Some ways to cleanse your crystals:

- Keep your crystal under running water for 1 minute. Water has deep cleaning properties and it is believed that it will neutralize any negative energy and sending it to Mother Earth for transmuting.

Use this method for hard stones such as quartz, do not use it for soft stones such as selenite, halite, kyanite