Healing candel, Incense sage and healing crystal

About Evolve Yourself

Founded in 2020 by me, Elena Balan, Evolve Yourself was created out of a passion for crystals and alternative therapies.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to the magical world of crystals, sound healing instruments, and other holistic healing objects that we have brought to our store.

The mystical world of crystals has always piqued my curiosity. Whenever am I seeing or touching a crystal, I feel a deep sense of respect, and a special bond is formed between me and the chosen crystal.

Being a certified theta healer practitioner and incorporating crystals in my therapy and meditation sessions allowed me to discover more of their amazing healing properties.

During meditation evenings with friends, I experienced the calming and transcendental sound of the Tibetan Gong, a sound that led me to reach deep meditative states and sparked the desire in exploring other sound healing therapies. Hence I began to use singing bowls, gongs, and tuning forks during my meditation sessions.

The desire to bring a greater contribution in making these wonderful, holistic healing objects, easily accessible to everyone was born a few years ago, but only recently the right opportunities to open this online store had risen.

Each product is ethically sourced, chosen with love, and tested personally, making sure it is of the best quality.

Our mission is to bring high-quality products at affordable prices and we hope that our products will help you bring more Joy, Vitality, Relaxation, and High Vibrations in your life.

Explore our online store now and I hope you feel the same Joy and Enthusiasm for each product, as I feel every time I see, touch, and experience their magic.

We strive to create a strong relationship with our clients; hence any feedback or suggestion regarding our products or customer service is much more than welcome.